Old Port Half Marathon – Not Conquered. Completed.

I care too much about the goals I set for myself. So, even though last week I said that I’d probably skip the Old Port Half Marathon today, I didn’t want to pull a no-show on a race I’d planned for, sort of trained for, and recruited friends for.  And, truth be told, my pulled muscle was feeling a lot better. I figured if I could keep at a slow enough pace to avoid having to take deep breaths, I’d be fine. 🙂

So, last night, my friend, Wendy Harper, came to spend the night at my house since I live nearly an hour closer to the race than she does and the start time was at an early 7 a.m. today. We had a nice evening catching up, early to bed, early to rise this morning, and then left the house at 5:45 a.m. to get to the race (and wrastle up coveted parking spot…)

While I can be committed to my goals, I’m not completely irrational. I knew I wasn’t really ready for the full 13.1 miles and I was prepared to take walking breaks to get through the distance.  (Several years ago, I would have considered walking a complete failure, so I have matured a bit in my thoughts on distance completion – at least when considering my actual fitness level.)

Wendy is super fast, so she was in the first start corral (for the super fast runners.)  I was with everyone else in the second wave corral. I happily found my friend, Margaret, and her sister, Cathy, just before it was our turn to start running.  Here’s a picture of us just before take-off:

(Whitney, Cathy, Margaret, LtoR)


So, I knew Wendy would finish in plenty of time to cool off, get a snack, and generally relax before I came through. And, since Wendy finished in under 2 hrs, that’s exactly what happened.   I was not so fast. 🙂  So, by mile 9, I could tell I had maxed out my fitness level. Everything from 9-13.1 miles was going to be really tough and extra slow.  And those miles were both of those things, complicated by my first real experience with wheezing.  I don’t know what that was about – I have definitely run with great fatigue before, but the wheezing was new and really just put an end to any sort of productive running effort. Basically, I think my body was saying, “You can try to keep going if you want, but I’m just not going to process your air that quickly, so good luck with that.”

But, I wasn’t too discouraged – I happily ran into Margaret and Cathy around mile 9 (or 10?) Then Cathy took off for a speedy finish and Margaret and I slowly made our way to the finish line with a nice chat along the way.

Once we made it to the finish, I caught up with Wendy (who had camped out by the finish line for some great cheering as Margaret and I made our way to the end.)  I downed a bottle of water, ate a piece of watermelon, and then followed Wendy to the beer tent. (This race was sponsored by Shipyard brewery, so there was, in fact, a beer ‘garden’ for runners after the finish line.)

I’m not usually down for a chilly beer at 9:30 in the morning, but it just happens to be Wendy’s birthday and enjoying a beer refreshment seemed like the just the right thing to do to celebrate friendship, finishing, and a birthday.



On another note, Janet and Margaret and I were together on Thursday evening and discussed the potential of a fall marathon effort.  It seemed like a good idea on Thursday night. Today was a bit of a reality check.  But, there is still time to get ready so we’re gathering some info. I’ll let you know what we decide.

In the meantime – onward!