Run. Walk. Talk. Repeat.

Well, I have finished all my rabies shots… thanks to being bitten by a dog we can all assume didn’t have rabies, but since I couldn’t prove it… I got the gift of 10 shots. Those are done, though, so if I get bitten by *any* animal, I will not contract rabies. I’m cool.

In between all of those shots, I managed to do some fun things. For instance, I went to my 25th Bates College reunion and had so much fun reconnecting in person with friends.  In fact, I sat next to my former classmate and friend, Wendy Harper, at our reunion dinner. (You may recall from a winter post that she and I both ran the Maine Marathon and she was so fast that she qualified for Boston. And then she took a rest break and ran the Santa Hustle half-marathon with me in December.)

Here is a pic of us having a good time at reunion…

(me on the left, Wendy on the right)

Whitney and Wendy reunion photo

Evidently, I have some persuasive powers because I have convinced my friend and marathon buddy, Margaret, to run the Old Port Half Marathon with me on July 11. That means she has to come from Pennsylvania to Maine to run that race, and she’s doing it! And bringing her sister!  But I didn’t stop there… I sidled up to Wendy at this reunion dinner (above) and convinced her to do it, too.

That, of course, was so that I would feel the pressure of my friends’ commitment and officially get myself into gear and get some mileage in.  The morning *after* our reunion gala, I went out for a 10 miler.  Thankfully, I had my friend Ryan Ricciardi along for the first 6 miles – she was great company and we kept a solid pace. Unfortunately, when I continued for the next 4 miles by myself, the wheels fell off. I attributed it to the clouds of pollen that looked like smoke blowing by my face. It was a slow finish.

This week, I planned to redeem myself. I announced to Wendy that I was going out for 12 miles. She sounded impressed and I was feeling all proud and ready to take it on.  Well. IT. WAS. UGLY.  I set out to do the first 6 miles on my own and then I picked up my friend, Janet, in my driveway for the next 6 mile loop. She was all fresh and happy and I was already spent. It was terrible.  I got a cramp. I had to walk. Janet talked and was patient. We ran. Then I walked. We talked. We ran. And so forth.  We stopped to take a happy ‘selfie’ photo by the water at about mile 9 (for me) or mile 3 (for Janet) but I decided not to post it because we both look just terrible in that photo. I’m not sure what happened – I probably couldn’t get a good shot because I was heaving for air at that point…  So, I’ll just give Janet a shout-out for being amazing and inspirational rather than posting our pic. 😉

I also stopped my watch when we stopped for the photo, and I forgot to turn it on when we started running again. But, that’s OK. I don’t really need the timing evidence of how slow my second 6 miles was.

Though I’m not proud of the pace, I did manage to cover 12 miles with my own two feet, and company of a great friend, so not all was lost.

This may be the last really long run I get in before July 11… I have a nutty week at work and then I’m away in the mountains of Colorado until July 4. So, we’ll see what happens.