About Whitney- the story behind the posts

Whit running half

Hello! I’m not really that new to running, but I am new to distance.  When raising kids and managing a full time job and graduate school, I relied low mileage running to keep my head clear and my over 40 bod sort of  in shape. A couple of miles a couple of times a week. In 2011, two friends (established distance runners) convinced me to join training for a 10 mile race … in February… in MAINE.  I protected myself for a while, but finally succumbed to peer pressure and completed the race.

And then I stopped running completely.

And then, the same two women convinced me to do a half marathon in September of 2012.  So, I bought new shoes, followed them in long, arduous training runs, and completed the distance!

And then I stopped running completely.

And then they convinced me to run a marathon.  I’m not sure exactly how this happened.  I have been against marathons. Who needs the pressure? Who has the time? But, somehow these impressive friends found just the right moment and before I knew it, my race confirmation email was landing in my inbox.

Why a blog? I’m terrified of the distance.  So, I decided to share the burden of training with all of you – whether you are thinking about running, already running, or an elite marathoner already, I hope you can appreciate the journey.

RACE:  Philadelphia Marathon, PA, USA  November 17, 2013

GOAL:  finish the marathon without a boost from an ambulance or extended stay in the medi-tent at the finish line.  (At first, I thought my goal was to finish without walking. I have clearly downgraded my goal a bit, but if the training goes well, I may go back to aiming for a no-walk marathon.)

4 thoughts on “About Whitney- the story behind the posts

  1. Go Whitney! I will live vicariously through you. I ran a half marathon in 2008 and stopped running! I think about starting again but no luck yet!! You can do it!

  2. Good for you, inspiring! Keep me posted on your distance and I’ll try to run along with you from the roads of Easthampton MA…I may even drag Tim out there with me! xo

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