Marathon training meets ALS ice bucket (BATH) challenge…

Pretty nutty week for Janet, Margaret and me…  Margaret moved, and then entered a triathalon and came in 2nd for her group. Last week, I called her a “machine.”  Obviously, that is still the case.  Janet had a busy week at work and then had a long weekend out of town, several states away, for some serious family business.  I had very full days in the office myself because I’m trying to be on vacation this week, which means a lot of work got crammed into last week. According to Janet’s training plan, we were supposed to run 6 miles in the middle of the week at a blistering speed, with a shorter run squashed in there somewhere. I did manage to get the 6 miles in, with a couple other shorter runs in around that. I didn’t make the goal speed, but all my mileage was faster than my normal, so I think I’m still OK.

The training plan called for 14 miles today.  Margaret – definitely exempt – she moved and did a triathalon.  Janet – also exempt – left town and I think managed to get some runs in even though there probably really wasn’t any time for that given the circumstances.  I didn’t have any excuses, so I got up this morning and set out for the 14 miles.  It was nice, actually.  I ran down to the end of Mere Point – a solid 6 miles from my driveway to the end of the point. A quick jog around the boat launch and then back to home. That would only get me 12, but I knew I could turn around and run back a mile and then turn for home again to catch the 14.  I left in the sun, ran into the rain, ran into the sun, ran into the rain, sun, rain, and so forth. (Of course, when I got home, it was sunny for the rest of the day. ) At mile 11, my left knee started acting up. Not the “I’m tired, please stop moving me” kind of ruckus, but the IT band pain that first sent me into physical therapy 1.5 yrs ago.  So, I shuffled to mile 13 and let the 14th mile be a walking one. Even with all that, I managed race pace today, so I was happy.

When I got home, I had to deal with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Zak Harris, a colleague in my office, nominated me as he was pouring ice water over his head in a FB video. Since he called me out on Facebook, the whole world knows he nominated me.  A bold move to challenge your boss to dump ice water over her head, I must say. Bold move.  So I met his challenge and raised it – to an ice bath challenge.  You can see craziness here:


Now, if you’re not on Facebook and have you haven’t been watching the news, then you may not know about the ice bucket challenge.  You can find out about it here,, but it’s essentially a viral “awareness” and fundraising phenomenon that has hit social media. And I got wrapped into it thanks to Zak.  I have no problem supporting awareness or fundraising for ALS, so I was happy to take the challenge.

Ok, back to the marathon training blog….

Last week, I was still the only one of the three of us who had actually committed to Philly by registering for the marathon. Well, right in the midst of her move, Margaret signed up and sent me an email copy of her registration to prove that she was in. (Thank you!)  And then, Janet upped us both somehow catching a number, along with her husband, as part of the Nathan Hydration Team. Yes, that means she’s running with a team. (Nathan is one of the most popular companies making sports hydration gear – Janet and I both carry hand-held strap-on water bottles from Nathan ( Naturally, I immediately asked, “Good God, does this mean we have to train to be faster?”  She said she’s NOT SURE.  Holy Moly.

Anyway, Margaret, Janet, Michael (Janet’s husband) and I are all bound for Philly on November 23.

Since Janet couldn’t get to the 14 this weekend, I’m thinking she’s going to want to go for it next weekend. If my knee has stopped complaining, I’ll go with her…





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