Philadelphia Marathon – on the schedule – at least on mine

Today was Margaret’s last day of vacation in Maine and she chose to run 12 miles with Janet and me this morning before she packed the car to drive back to PA. If you couldn’t already tell, from all the previous blogs, Margaret is a machine. I don’t know anyone else who could run 12 miles, then pack up a family, and then drive all day. But Margaret can (and did.)

Today was tough on the three of us, though. We met in Portland and did almost the same route as last week  – including a full trip around Macworth Island and a detour through Payson Park on the return, trying to stretch the distance to 12 miles.

Margaret was running with wings on her feet – she was super fast and led way in front- her head just a dot for me to follow ahead in the distance. Janet was full of determination and stayed with Margaret for a long time before switching to a different pacing strategy.  I was the caboose. And, even though I felt good on this route last weekend, bopping along at a good pace, I was just NOT feeling it today. I sort of had heartburn for the first 8.5 miles and generally felt in a bad mood.

As we looped back to the starting point, it was obvious that the route was only going to be 11 miles, not the 12 we had planned. Now, the three of us are all the “get it done” type – no backing off the plan for us. But, today, none of us felt like finding that last mile. Nope.  At 11, we quit and sprawled out on the grass by the cove, complaining with relief that the run was done!

Margaret was heading back to PA to manage a move. She’s essentially been in housing limbo all summer. Her family is waiting to move into a new house next week, but had to move out of the former house in June, so the last couple of months have been a bit nutty. She was just anxious to get back to PA to get that move going and get herself and her family settled into the new house before school starts, so I think that’s how she ran so fast.

Since my move is over, I’m just tired. 🙂  And I didn’t feel like running fast at all.

Also, I lost the hard drive on my computer last week. Since I lost absolutely everything on the computer, that means I also lost my running log and my training plan. This means I’m following Janet’s crazy customized training plan she got from Runners World.

The most important point of this week’s blog is that we ran 11 miles together as if we’re all training for the Philadelphia Marathon on November 23, but…. I’m still the ONLY one who has signed up!  Ok, Margaret’s moving and Janet is busy, but COME ON. If I’m on my own on race day because they didn’t sign up in time, I’m going to be really sad (and slow.)

I didn’t have my phone with me, so I don’t have any photos of today’s 11 miler. But, I’m including a photo of my dog, Stella, because she looks like I feel on long run days like today:




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