Philadelphia Marathon #2 – T minus 14 weeks

Janet applied the pressure with this email message to Margaret and me last week:

All right women,  enough of this fumbling and fussing and thinking about incidental things …[and]… other such nonsense…

I logged into smartcoach on runner’s world this afternoon and found a schedule to prepare me for the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov 23.

Fine. She threw out a training plan, but I was the first one to sign up for a the marathon. Yes, I did.  Here is my confirmation (it’s itty bitty, but  you can see my name on the right under “participant”, aka “crazy person who spent money to run 26.2 miles“):

Philly confirmation


So, I’m the one signed up, but Janet has the training schedule, so she planned a 10 mile run this morning. Fortunately for us, Margaret is in Maine for vacation, so she joined us. We had a nice view of Back Cove in Portland for the beginning and end of our 1o miler. The highlight is really Macworth Island which is beautiful trails with water all around – the middle part of our run – but I didn’t have my phone with me during the run, so I couldn’t take a photo.

I did however, score this photo just before we took off:



As usual, we started together, and then Janet and Margaret moved ahead and I trailed behind.  We got to Macworth, took a water break, and then looped around to return home.  Miles 6 and 7 were tough. Janet ran the Beach to Beacon 10k yesterday, plus some mileage in the days before that, and she was tired before we even started this morning. And Margaret spent most of yesterday in the car, driving from PA to ME, so she had to shake it out a bit during  the run. I’ve been busy at work during the day, and spackling, sanding, taping, painting in the evenings, so I’m beat.  In the latter half of the run, we spread out.  The good news is that we all met or exceeded the pace assigned by Janet’s training plan that she downloaded from Runners World magazine, so we were feeling a pretty victorious.

And, we were happy to be a three-some, so we just hung out and rested by the water after we were finished before we had to go our separate ways:




And, as I said, I’m the only one actually signed up for this marathon, so the other two need to sign up ASAP. (Janet and Margaret – that means YOU TWO!)

This marathon has all the same challenges as last year. Still 26.2 miles to cover. Still training during a nutty travel season in which I’ll have to do a lot of mileage on my own in unfamiliar locations. Still aiming to finish it with my two buds, Janet and Margaret (if they get signed up! HINT)


One thought on “Philadelphia Marathon #2 – T minus 14 weeks

  1. Wow…way to go whit. Hope that I can be part of one of your training runs! Start brainstorming when and where given your busy fall work travel schedule! Remember I’m up for meeting at any random spot that works!

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