Mileage. House and road .

Ok, so last week I told you that I moved and all the loading, hauling, unloading, and unpacking offered a special kind of workout, in addition to some limited mileage.

This week, sort of the same thing, but I gained a lot of ground – on the roads and in my house.

First, my heroic mom arrived the day after I moved and vowed not to leave until every box was unpacked and the contents put away. Her goal? Do whatever it takes to make it feel like a “home”. She must have drawn energy from her toes, comforting my jumbled mind by sorting, organizing, and “settling” me into my new place.   She was amazing, doing amazing “mom” things. While she was here, I only got out to run a couple of times but it made me feel like myself, which was good.

Then, this week, my mom was gone and I had the chance to take care of other “moving” things, like trying to hook up cable tv and internet.  That was a mere 6 calls to Comcast followed by a service call to the house. Those were nothing compared to the more than 1.5 hrs Lucy spent on the phone with “support” trying to hook up the Roku streaming device to our tv.  Here is Lucy, exhibiting tremendous determination and patience. (After all that, Roku never worked and we returned it…)


I didn’t bother with the kettle bell or the Body Blade for upper body work because my dad and Marcia arrived on Friday and we got to work.

Marcia took her green thumb straight to the garden. It turns out that wild violets just masquerade as pretty little flowers but are actually opportunistic weeds that put a choke hold on things that were planted on purpose. Marcia leveled a lethal effort against the violets, revealing some lovely ground cover around the shrubs.


Also, I had some serious wallpaper that needed to come down . We had three rooms to tackle and we started with the bathroom – the room where it seems the paper was put on the wall with superglue. Yep. Epic wallpaper removal adventure, but all three rooms are now paper free because my dad knows a thing or two about taking down wallpaper.


I’ve only mentioned a wee bit of all the things my family did to help me get started in my new home and I am grateful to have so many great people looking out for me. But we all worked hard and are tired!

With so much going on, I didn’t get to run every day, but when I did go, I made the most of it. First of all, I made a commitment to take a different route everyday. This worked well – not only did it mix my distances, it gave me the opportunity to learn the places around my house.  I didn’t run with my phone this week, so no good photos of the scenery, but there *was* good scenery, including coastal and farm scenes. Sweet.  I managed 3, 6, 8, 5, and then another 8 miles today. I didn’t take the time for icing and rolling out and all that stuff that I normally do, so I’m surprised that I didn’t feel too wrecked from this week’s mileage, on top of the house labor.

My vacation is over and I am back to work tomorrow. Hoping to keep mileage in the 4-6 mile range during the weekday runs with a longer one on the weekend.


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