Moving. Cross Training. Same thing.

I had to travel last week. On Sunday through Wednesday, I was in Newport, RI for a conference. There were a lot of good things packed into that trip – really good work with great people, including my friends Holly(left), Martha (to right of me), and Jen (far right):



In addition to lots of meetings and socializing, I managed to get in some runs near the beach


I managed a 3 miler on Monday and 4 miles on Tuesday afternoon in between work obligations. It wasn’t too hard to motivate with scenery like this from the Cliff Walk:



No running on Wednesday as I had morning meetings and then a drive back to Maine with some stops on the way.

No running Thursday morning because I was busy packing a U-Haul with this amazing bunch of friends.  Can I just say that anyone who is willing to help you move is a pretty spectacular human being. I’d like to give an extra special shout out to my daughter, Lucy, and to my friends, Janet and Ryan M.,  who committed to both ends of the move – loading *and* unloading. Go you!  Here is my amazing move-crew after we got everything off the truck and into the house.



(L to R: Lucy, Ryan R, Ryan M, Janet, Sandra, Ken)

No running Friday because I was completely wrecked from moving on Thursday.  Lest you think I’m a weakling, Janet also has confessed to feeling like she was run over by the U-Haul.

But, Saturday, I got myself together and managed 4 miles. On Sunday, I ventured out again for a quick 3.  Monday, nothing. I regressed and just felt too tired.  Today, Tuesday, I told myself to just get out there. “Just Do It” to quote Nike. So I did.  A solid 6.25 miles to start the day and it helped me feel more like myself amidst the craziness.

Margaret couldn’t be here, but sent me flowers to cheer me up on move day. I thanked her for the flowers and she replied, “You’re welcome. Ok, so which fall marathon are we going to pick?”  I have not answered her. 🙂

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