ready – set -race… and then relax

Well, last Sunday, I went out on my own and knocked out 9 miles. It was hot and humid, and even though much of the mileage was in the shade, we Mainers are pretty intolerant of heat and humidity, especially when they are combined. So, 9 miles was my limit. I was happy, though, because that’s the longest I’ve run since the marathon in November.

After that, the next days were mix of 2 to 5 mile runs, with Thursday as a rest day.

Because on Friday, the 4th of July, I joined in the LL Bean 10k in Freeport, ME.  I wasn’t planning on doing this race. I’ve been nursing my foot for months and didn’t need to spend money on yet another entry fee for race I might end up skipping. But, at the last minute, my friends Kat and Ryan said they were running, and I said, “Ok!”  And then I learned that Margaret was going to be in Maine for the 4th and she would run it, too.

So, on Friday morning, we ran in the humidity and fog, but no rain.  I finished with my fastest race pace ever! I’m sure my pace was helped by Janet who had first coached her Couch to 5K crew early in the morning and then came to the LL Bean race to cheer for us. I saw Janet at the 5.5 mile mark as I was climbing a long hill and she bopped on into the road and ran next to me until I got to mile 6, whispering, “Come on – you got this- you’re looking strong.”  She’s such a great friend. I probably would have slowed down at the end because it was so hard then, but with her running alongside, I really tried for the homestretch.

race results

Not long after the race, Arthur really hit and we had torrential downpours and power outages through night. I had a lazy start to the morning yesterday, waiting for the rain to let up. Then, I stepped out for a light run – just to stay loose. But I had a lot on my mind, so I went a little further, and further, and finally trotted back into my driveway with 10.2 miles behind me.  I dropped myself into an ice bath to take care of sore feet and legs, then went to get lunch with my daughter, Lucy.  It was middle of the afternoon before we got lunch and we were both so hungry, we were grateful for the massive portions at Bernie’s restaurant in Falmouth. (As you can see, Lucy’s haddock sandwich is the size of her head.)


And then, today, I picked up Janet at 7:30 am and we drove to Biddeford Pool to meet up with Margaret. I was a bit tired from my over-mileage effort yesterday, so I stopped at 3 miles while they continued on to finish a loop. (Dad – notice that I took your advice and stopped before hurting myself! 🙂  )

It’s worth the drive to get to scenery like this:



We even took a break for a selfie:


And then we went to the general store, bought coffee and breakfast, and sat outside to relax, visit, rest, and enjoy the view (those are my Hokas! I love the Hokas.):


I’ve got a bunch of travel this week and a crazy schedule for the days I’m actually in the office, so I expect mileage to light and worry free.

2 thoughts on “ready – set -race… and then relax

  1. Great scenery, fun to see Lucy, and I hope your foot is doing OK. We had fun with family here this weekend, but your activities put us to shame. With love, Aunt Nancy

  2. As always just so impressive Whit…and love the smiles in the picture with your running pals…can tell you are surrounded with great friends! Miss you!

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