T minus … 12 hrs (not much time!)

We’re here!  I’ve been in Philadelphia for several days and I brought a really, really big bag.  Mostly, the big bag is because I wanted to bring the foam roller, so then it was easy to just keep packing. So easy in fact, that Janet made me pack her stuff, too, so that all she had to deal with was a carry on bag the size of a lipstick tube.

The race-ready portion of my packing list included:

  • Foam roller
  • Tennis ball (for rolling out particularly tough knots)
  • Small knobby ball roller for bottoms of feet
  • Ibuprofen
  • Ziploc baggies for ice therapy post-race
  • Silicon stick
  • Athletic tape for any body parts that need to be taped up/on/in place.


Also, I brought Bowdoin running “singlets” (sleeveless athletic tops) but it turns out the Size M could fit a first grader, so we won’t wear those. 🙂

The weather report has been all over the place – from 60% to 10% to 30% to 10% chance of rain. We are now at no chance of rain  – cloudy, temps between 55-65 degrees.  Sounds pretty good to us!

We also have a potential fan base coming … my daughter, Ellie, plus 4 of her friends, plus my BFF, Julie Twitmyer, plus Janet’s son, Conor.

I’ve been here since Thursday for a work event.  On Friday morning, our breakfast had a nice fruit plate, but it didn’t include bananas. I wanted to eat a banana every day this week to prepare for the marathon, so the lack of bananas was a problem.  I politely asked the dining room person if I could have a banana, and he went and brought me one. SO nice.

Then, this morning, when I came to breakfast, instead of a plate of assorted fruit, we had this instead:


I’m hoping that the 30 other women traveling with me wanted bananas as much as I did and weren’t too sad about the lack of pineapple and blackberries.

Janet and Margaret arrived this afternoon. Wahoo!  Our hotel is right next door to the Expo where we went to pick up our bibs. We picked up our numbers and Janet and I moved up two corrals. We are now in Blue Corral with Margaret.

Then, we went to the Reading Terminal Market where we indulged on all the carbs we could possibly need.  Here’s a photo of Margaret and Janet in the market, looking pretty psyched:


Then, I bought chocolate from this place:


And – here are the bib numbers:


We have to be through security at 5 a.m. At the moment, we’re in a disagreement about when we need to get up and be out the door.  But, one way or another, we’ll get into our corral and cross the start line!


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