12.92- Take Two

I already posted about the disappointment in last weekend’s long run. But, I’ve reorganized my head and my attitude, so this morning, I was pumped to try the killer route again. So pumped, that I declined to run with my friend, Janet, this morning – even though we haven’t run together in a month and even though she was running a shorter distance.  I declined both of those enticements for a shot at redemption on the hills of Freeport.

I woke up, did the morning chores in the barn to loosen up, and then went to eat my banana – step 1 in holding off the cramps that just about killed me last week. But NO – no banana for me.  Nope. Evidently, my thief of a dog, Ruckus, ate the last banana.

Here is a picture of Ruckus, looking cute, like he’s not the outlaw that we know he is:IMG_1566

So I had to go with a Power Bar.  No problem, I was up, anxious to get going, and my daughter, Lucy, was planning to ride her bike alongside me to carry water, snacks, and be my overall support wagon.


The first two miles were tough – some really huge hills and my body stiff with my feet complaining, but I knew it would get better once I was really underway.   Miles 2 through 6.5 were great – I stayed at a steady no-rush pace and happily listened to my daughter chatting alongside me, enjoying some of our last time together before she leaves for school in a couple of days.  We both appreciated how absolutely beautiful the route was and how lucky we were for so much shade.

And then – A CRAMP – the same knife-in-gut cramp that bit me last week. I do NOT know what that is about, but it is the worst and makes moving nearly impossible.  It is not a normal side-stitch. It’s low and in my gut.  I had to stop more than once just to grab my body with my hands and try to force the cramp out of its spot.  That, of course, never works. But, I did manage to get it to a level that I could breathe with and I kept going for the remaining 6.5 miles.

Because Lucy had the phone with her, she shot photos every now and then of me slogging up the hills…


Lucy knew I was struggling and quietly stayed with me until at just the right moments, she’d chirp, “You can do it, Mom – look at you GO!“.  She’s the best.  🙂  And go I did. All the way to the 12.92 finish line.

And then, we took a victory “selfie” in the driveway, both of us glad to be home!



7 thoughts on “12.92- Take Two

  1. Love Lucy, what a great champion! You know I’m not a runner, but google pickle juice for running camps…. could be the magic solution. XO Julie

  2. And this is another clue that you are indeed a runner…only a runner refers to mileage as 12.92….the general public would say 13 (or what…how far!) But runners know that every step matters…it’s why we declare loudly that a half marathon is 13.1 not 13 and a marathon is 26.2 not 26…happy running and well done!

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