Half Full

This post tips the hat to my friend, Karen, who always expects me to share the “half full” point of view. I’m relying on that today because my recovery run didn’t go as planned.


1. I planned too long a distance. I was feeling all pumped that I walked away from what could have been terrible injuries in the car accident and decided to try a loop that, according to mapmyrun.com would be 12.65 miles.  The first 2.5 miles were some serious hills (I knew that) so I figured if I was in trouble after the hills, I could turn early and shorten the loop to 10.5 miles.


2. Major cramps.  Not the kind that you can breathe through (though I really, really tried). Rather, the kind that make you think your insides might have tied themselves together cutting off all blood flow.  Incredibly painful and like nothing I’ve had before. Methinks this may be related to my recent intestinal troubles more than the mileage.


3.  The cramps started after my shorten-the-route turn. By the time they started, it would have been equidistant to turn back than to continue onward.  I kept going.


4.  I missed the next turn.  I was thinking about breathing and trying to keep running and all of sudden, there was beautiful Maquoit Bay in front of me. “Cool!“, I thought, “I get to run along the water!”  And then I remembered from the map that my run wouldn’t go by water.  I had to go back and find the turn I missed.  I think this was an extra .8 miles or so.  But, I’m not really sure because…


5. My Garmin stopped working. Seriously.  I’m the one with the hard work. I’ve got hills, cramps, jet lag, car accident left overs.  All the Garmin has to do is keep a steady tic-toc and ping off of a satellite every now and then.   It came back on. And then went off. And so on…


This sounds all glass-half-empty, I know. But here’s the half-full part for Karen:

1. It was the most gorgeous summer day in Maine! Crisp blue sky, 70 degrees, sunny, no bugs, light breeze. And I spent the entire morning outside in it.

2. I remembered to put on sun screen.

3. I only walked a little bit.

4. I didn’t throw up.

5. I covered a distance even longer than the one I planned thanks to my unplanned detour by the water.

6. I don’t have reliable Garmin evidence of how long the whole adventure took, so I don’t have to feel bad about it.

7. I got back just in time to prevent my husband having to leave work to come search for me.


There. All in all, not a bad morning.  I believe I have earned an ice cream mix-in, thankyouverymuch.  🙂

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