Accidental Insight

I am back from China!

Jet lag is a confusing thing for a human body…when to sleep, when to wake, no back to sleep, but wait, wake up! Sheesh.  I’ve been tired, but I’m also feeling the pressure of missing some important endurance miles while I was away and have been anxious to get my training back on track.

My mind was ready to go. My body, not so much.  Mainly, in addition to messed up sleep, my digestive system has been constitutionally corrupted during and since my trip to China. In spite of the amazing culinary delicacies, my body just revolted and things in the digestive department have not been up to snuff.  This is not only uncomfortable, it is also a bit of an impediment to thinking about being out on the roads of Freeport for an extended period of time, if you know what I mean.

But, I am  determined. I can be a pretty tough nut when there is something that I want, and this case, I wanted to catch up to Janet who was planning a 15 mile run for Saturday morning (today.)  I toyed with the idea of keeping up with her, but was pretty sure doing so would set off the tendonitis in my feet (which is feeling much better now!)  I downgraded my catch-up plan to getting in a 10 miler.

I ran 6 miles on Wednesday and felt good. I ran a fun 3 miles with my daughter on Friday and, though I fought of a cramp for those 30 minutes, I still felt good.   My 10 miler for Saturday seemed like a good plan.

Until I was in a car accident yesterday afternoon.

What happened? LET ME TELL YOU. I was minding my own business.  On a fairly busy road, two cars in front of me were stopped waiting for a car making a left turn. I stopped. The truck behind me stopped. We were just politely waiting for the car in the front to get a safe margin to make the turn.  But, some other driver, going about 50 mph, never saw us stopped and just drove full speed into the pickup truck behind me.  That of, of course, sent the truck into my car.  Everybody got hurt, but me the least since I was furthest from the initial impact.  I hit my head on the steering wheel, scored some whiplash.  I knew that those things were hurting when rescue arrived to get us out of the mess. But it wasn’t until I got out of my car that I realized my knees had hit the dash area and were aching.

My first thought:  “But I can’t be this hurt. I’m training for a marathon!

Yes, I realize that thought completely lacks perspective.

And that’s what this posting is ultimately about.  Perspective and insight.   Sure, I’m training for a marathon. I already felt whipped by the jet lag and intestinal war inside my body, but I was still working on a plan to get my training back on course ASAP.  I had planned my weekend around the long run, the recovery time, and the food I’d definitely want to eat post-run.

The girl who drove her car into the pick up truck behind probably had plans for this weekend, too. Maybe she was on her way to those plans. I don’t know.  I do know that she’s really, really hurt.  It seems she never braked at all, which means she plowed her small Chevy Aveo into the back of a truck at about 50 mph.  Her car crushed into her. They had to take the door off to get her out.  I got taken to the hospital in an ambulance with lights flashing. She got taken to the hospital with sirens blazing.  Whatever her plans were, they’re different now.
I’m sure the police and insurance companies will sort out what happened – of course everyone is speculating that texting was involved – but it really doesn’t matter.  I doubt the people who love her care about anything other than whether she will recover.

My perspective now is about gratefulness.  I am grateful that the worst thing that happened to me is a cut on my head and headache, with a generally sore body and a bruise on my knee. That’s it.  My car is wrecked, but my body isn’t.  I walked away from that accident well enough to plan my 10 miler for Sunday instead of Saturday. No big deal.

And that is the point.  In my mind, the marathon has been a BIG DEAL.  Huge.  So big that I’m writing about it.  I’m working my schedule around the training and eating. I spent my time in China forcing miles onto a treadmill to keep up.  I now realize that though I was a reluctant registrant for this marathon, I’m actually excited about it. It’s a test – both physically and mentally – but it’s also a testament to how lucky I am to be healthy enough to go for it.

Yesterday’s car accident was a good reset to my perspective.  I’m lucky to be training for this marathon, for this test that will make me feel powerful and proud when I complete it.  I will no longer complain about my feet, or fatigue, or even Dusty’s tortuous PT treatments.  I will post positively about my training experiences. (At least I think I will.  It is possible that I will have to complain, just a little bit, at some point during this training. But, for now, my Pollyanna persona is feeling pretty positive.  🙂 )

3 thoughts on “Accidental Insight

  1. First and most importantly – I’m glad you weren’t badly hurt! Sounds way too close for comfort, and while I’m sorry for the young driver, I’m happy you had a truck between you and her. Secondly, I agree, we’re blessed to have healthy bodies and your training for a marathon is amazing – its great to take a minute and remember that. And finally…. I don’t mind a bit of complaining, you do it with such humor, that I actually enjoy it (just thought of your posts this morning as I was struggling out of a sweaty sports bra 🙂 Sending love and glad you’re safe!! Julie

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