Yangtze River Running

So, I am a wee bit more than half way through my trip. Wuhan is one of the hottest cities in China, and it’s been a cool 106 here during the day. So, even though the air quality is better than Beijing, it’s hot, hot, hot. The Old Port Marathon weather has got nothin’ on the weather here in Wuhan.

But, today, when I woke up early and looked out my hotel window onto the Yangtze River, I knew I couldn’t spend my time on a treadmill. I had to go outside. To hell with the heat.

It was nice to land my feet, one in front of the other, and actually GO somewhere… but even better was what I saw along the way…. I’m not sure of the cultural tradition, but certainly, 5:45 a.m. seems to be just the right time for the mature part of the local population to emerge and begin their morning exercises outside. I was flanked by music, pods of folks doing tai chi, swimmers, and then… an exercise park! Chinese men and women, easily a full generation older than I, were getting it done on swings, rowing machines, and other pieces of equipment that I didn’t recognize. Impressive.

(I learned that turning on the VPN is a solid way to outsmart the prohibition of FB so I’ve got some good shots for you in the blog this time!)

In the first photo, check out the woman hanging from her toes flanked by the woman getting in a good stretch and swing right next to her.

Then, a couple of videos highlighting tremendous strength and balance, games, and lovely tai chi.

In the 2nd photo, notice the guy swimming past the small fishing boat that had just arrived, and then below that, you’ll see a bunch of folks checking out the fish catch.

An absolutely awesome start to my day.




Finally, I would just like to mention that though this has nothing to do with running, I ate duck tongue, frogs, and turtle (or at least it was in the turtle family) today.

I’m going for the river run again tomorrow morning before heading to Shanghai. I’m not actually getting too much mileage on these runs because the sights are just too good to run past – so there is a lot of stopping and starting. Good for the soul, if not for the endurance training.

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