Blogging from China

I am in China. Since the time is 12 hours ahead of time in Eastern USA, I’m a bit out of whack. But, I’ve set a new schedule, in local time, and am trying to keep up with business – the fitness biz, that is.

I was warned before I departed for China that the air quality is pretty poor. It’s so bad, in fact, that there is an “app for that.” For real. “China Air Quality” from the App Store on my iphone. Since I have had a lifetime of trouble with geographic orientation (as in I can get lost in the most simple scenarios) and China has bad air, I’ve decided to limit my workouts to the hotel gym.

The gym is equipped with ellipticals, treadmills, bikes and weights. I went right for the treadmill – I am training for a running event, after all. But, with my feet still uncomfortable and with my Trusty Dusty half way around the world, about 2 miles into my workout, I stopped and trudged over to the elliptical. The elliptical takes time to get used to and I’m not sure I like it, but it did eliminate the pounding for my feet, so that has to be helpful.

But, then, I had the best workout of all…. climbing all over Great Wall of China – a tremendous and mind blowing physical and cultural masterpiece.

So, this morning, I was drawn back to the treadmill – I had enough time to run for an hour and figured that would keep me in line with Janet’s schedule this week. But, at step number 5 my stomach went into major cramps. Not the normal side stitch I often wrestle with, but stomach pains. I’m thinking this distress is likely tied to my local diet over the last couple of days, so I split my time between the gentle elliptical and the pounding of the treadmill. I will try to eat carefully today and hope for more comfortable workouts in the next couple of days.

I should also note that the gym was a surprisingly social and happy place this morning in the hotel as many of the colleagues who have arrived in the last 24 hrs for our shared work over the next 10 days were pounding it out to shake off the jet lag.

We’ll be meeting up again, freshened up and ready to head out for lunch, then work.

(China does have a lockdown on access to some websites – though I can post text to my blog, it seems I cannot include pictures, which is too bad)

2 thoughts on “Blogging from China

  1. Love hearing about the training in China. And can’t wait to see some of the pictures. The Great Wall is perfect for hill training ;- )

  2. Keep it up Whit, cross training is much better than no training… Keep taking pix so we can see them when you get back, as long as they don’t wipe your entire device clean before you leave… XOXO

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