Meet the Team

There are so many fun things to write about.  But this post is really important.

Earlier, I mentioned that I’m part of a threesome. One third of a team of three.  I think I mentioned I wouldn’t be doing the marathon at all if it weren’t for the persistent pestering of the other two teammates.  We all worked together, all lived close to one another. Easy friends and workout partners.  But Margaret took a new job this summer – a huge job – and it involved leaving her workplace of 17 years, moving her family to a new state, and establishing herself in an avalanche of newness.  I think she was feel especially powerful with all the big decision making because in the same week that she accepted the new job, she signed up for a September half-marathon near her new hometown *and* the Philadelphia marathon. She  just went and signed up. Then she said we had to do the same so that she wouldn’t be all alone. And she kept saying it.  I was one margarita in to a plate of loaded nachos when I realized she was saying it to ME, too.

In early July, after a particularly good 10 mile run all together, Janet asked me to meet her for a mix-in (my favorite ice cream delight after torching 1,000 calories on a run.)  I went and met her. And there I am, innocently eating my ice cream, when Janet reveals that she’s caved. She’s going for the Philadelphia marathon. She’ll sign up that afternoon.   But, I stayed strong.  No giving in. I didn’t need a marathon!  Janet could go and run with Margaret and I could cheer. Perfect.

One week later, I quietly filled out my registration form and forwarded the confirmation to them. They’re my TEAM. My running besties. They are inspiration for work, and life, and goals.  MY. TEAM.  I had to agree to the marathon.  The three of us don’t just share miles, we share life. The marathon is a huge life goal for Janet and a personal goal for Margaret in the face of so many new challenges. So, for me, it was clear that I could not hold back – I had to go in.

First is a photo of Janet and me after the awful, hot, agonizing Old Port Half Marathon, July 2013.  We’re friends, so we’re smiling despite the pain. (Plus, we finally were in shade)   Second is a photo of Margaret and me after completing a half marathon in Newburyport, MA,  last November (great course, great weather – we were happy.)

IMG_1188                                          IMG_0781

Since Margaret is now living in PA, we are virtually training with her. She’s a pretty versatile athlete, so while Janet and I are sticking to the running plan, Margaret is running, plus swimming, trail running, biking, and learning to play squash.  She also signed up for some other local race, just to get the lay of the land in the Amish country, so to speak. Here is her report:

1. More hills than flats. My calves are going to be obscene.

2. Amish couple in first race with long pants/dress

3. Being passed by a horse and buggy–who has right of way?

4. Dodging fresh horse poop

5. Entire Amish families out watching by the road,the Super Bowl of sports events here. I’d smile at the young sheepish boys and they would just burst in to the most gorgeous grins.

So, that’s what Margaret is up to.

As for Janet and me…today, Sunday, we ran 9 miles together, and I should mention that both of us were in new shoes and we were super fast. Janet was in her Mizunos and I was in the Hokas.  Margaret is in Washington, DC this weekend. We’re not sure why she’s there, exactly, but she was planning to run around all the monuments, which I’m sure she did. SUPER FAST.

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